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Multibeam Echo Sounders (MBES) offer significant advancements in the technology of Hydrographic Surveying, making the applications for these systems virtually endless. MBES surveying is highly specialised and there are many factors that can affect the collection of clean and accurate data. For the system to function without error, ancillary equipment such as Inertial Measuring Units, Position/heading GNSS & Sound Velocity Probes must be incorporated and time tagged correctly.

At Astute Surveying our own MBES Systems are compact, adaptable and mobile.

Our systems can be fitted to most vessels ranging in length from 5m to 50m or more. They have the ability to work in areas near shore as well as areas off shore to provide high resolution data in many different sea conditions.

Astute Surveying have successfully worked on many projects around Australia that require high resolution multibeam data, some of these include:

  • Seabed monitoring surveys for the safe navigation of commercial vessels, including berths, channels & swinging basins
  • Back filling operations to monitor and measure the placements of covering materials to protect commercial infrastructures.
  • Pre-dredge and post dredge surveys with detailed reports covering methodology, shoalest depths in berths & channels.
  • Progress surveys which involve monitoring the dredging works and delivering updated plans suitable for integration into various dredging software applications.
  • Mapping of underwater infrastructure such as bridge pylons, wharf structures & Rock groynes & break waters to name a few.

This data can be used to generate charts & plans, contours, volumes, cross sections, long sections, 3D models, fly throughs etc. all in an attempt to visually and numerically depict the various subsea conditions.

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